Ordering Instructions for Customers Outside the U.S.
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  1. If you are in Europe or the far east, and if you are only ordering a single item, you may use the price list below, which includes single-item shipping costs. Please mail your order with your return address and a check in US dollars on a US bank made out to "Don Simons", or US dollars cash, to me at P. O. Baox 1841, Redondo Beach, CA 90278.
  2. If you are outside Europe or the far east, or if you want more than one item, please send an email listing the items you want by catalog number, and tell me what country you are in. I'll reply with the shipping cost and other instructions.
Composer: Title Catalog
Total Cost with
Shipping to Europe
or the far east
Charpentier: Sonate DFC-1 $26.00
Clamer: Partita I DFC-26 $14.50
Dieupart: Six Suites PCH-7 $33.00
Dornel: Sonate a Quatuor DFC-2 $14.50
de la Ferte: Recit de Basse DFC-16 $9.00
de la Guerre: Sonata DFC-5 $11.50
Handel: Sinfonia DFC-4 $15.50
Leclair: Trio Sonata VIII (vln+gamba+BC) DFC-17 $12.50
Leclair: Trio Sonata I (2 vlns+gamba+BC) DFC-18 $12.50
Marais: Eight Preludes DFC-20 $9.00
Matteis: Ayres for the Violin, The Third Part PCH-4 $68.50
Matteis: Diversi Bizzarrie DFC-14 $10.00
Matteis: Scotch Humor DFC-15 $9.00
Morel: Chaconne en Trio DFC-6 $10.50
Pradas Gallen: Cantata "Ah del célebre confín" DFC-24 $17.50
Rameau: Pieces de Clavecin en Concert PCH-1 $33.50
Roman: Flute Concerto DFC-8 $18.00
Roman: Harpsichord Sonatas DFC-9 $15.00
Roman: Trio Sonata DFC-10 $13.50
Siret: Two Chaconnes and a Passacaille DFC-22 $9.00
Storace: Four Passacaglias PCH-3 $21.00
Storace: Selections, Volume 1 DFC-23 $11.50
Storace: Selva di Varie Compositioni PCH-6 $58.50
Weckmann: Toccata, Suites, and Canzonas DFC-25 $14.00
von Westhoff: La Guerra DFC-12 $10.50

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