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Charles (François) Dieupart (c1667-c1740)
Six Suites for Flute or Violin and Basso Continuo

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Part Number of pages
Score (with figured, unrealized bass)iii+45
Basso (cello, viola da gamba)iii+23
Flute, Violin, or Recorderiii+24

Notes From the Editor

Charles Dieupart was a French harpsichordist, violinist, and composer who was also known as François. He composed and performed both in France and England.

The Six Suites were published in 1701 by Estienne Roger in Amsterdam as "Six Suittes de Clavessin". The edition included two complete versions of the suites, one for harpsichord solo, and the other in the form of two separate part books for violin or flute and basso continuo. Suites 1-4 were prefaced with a note stating they were appropriate for "flute de voix" (voice flute or recorder in D), while suites 5 and 6 were similarly deemed suitable for "flute de quatre" (recorder in B flat).

The harpsichord version was heavily ornamented, but the instrumental one only sparsely so. Therefore for this edition the harpsichord ornaments have been transferred to the treble part. The symbols have been changed to ones more familiar to modern players, and substitutions have been made when the harpsichord ornament would not have worked on flute or violin. However, as with all instrumental music of the period, the performer is encouraged to add, subtract, or alter the written ornaments according to his taste.

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